Grow Your Business

TitleWave Real Estate Solutions offers products and services.

Help title and escrow agencies improve efficiency and free staff from non-revenue-producing tasks. Why spend time searching title and chasing documents when TitleWave can solve your production needs?


Property Reports

Uninsured products for both residential & commercial property

Searches & Updates

Select from a full cascade of products to balance your workload

Title Search Reports

Delivered via integration to eliminate rekeying and get to the closing table faster

HOA Estoppels

Stop wasting time chasing homeowner’s associations

Ancillary Searches

Tax certificates, municipals, and more

Policy Typing Services

For owner & lender policies to accompany your TSR

Services To Help You Succeed

24/7 Access

Reach your files online when you need them

Online Ordering

Easily place search orders and product updates online or via integration

No Calls or Emails Needed

Track status, retrieve title evidence with document orders from your desktop


TitleWave integrates with the leading closing software platforms to provide efficiencies for your team


View orders from one central location and eliminate the burden of vendor management

Get Help

Ask production questions or provide feedback within the system environment

Catch the Wave. TitleWave.