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From the Atlantic to the Pacific, no two geographies are identical. As National title experts, we must learn to navigate over 3,100 counties and county-equivalents across the United States.

Knowing Where to Go is the First Step
Knowing Where to Go
Is The First Step
Public records vary by governing authority.  Many do the same thing but have different names and procedures we must maneuver.

Once We Know Where to Get it, How You Collect it Differs.
Once We Know Where to Get it,
How You Collect it Differs.
All of these disparate data sources have to come together accurately in order to produce reliable title evidence. Fishing for all of this search data is done via plant subscriptions, online websites, feet on the street, abstract networks, or a combination thereof.

What Products Are Needed Can Vary
What Products Are Needed
Can Vary
Some are insured and some are uninsured. The depth of the search varies by customer, transaction type, statute or custom. For smooth sailing, we need to know what to use, when and where, all while instilling quality in our product.

Delivery Itself is Diverse
Delivery Itself
is Diverse
There are many vessels for title production on the market today, all of which require specific coding for software integrations. We need to consistently meet aggressive turn times in fluctuating volume swells, all while trying to differentiate ourselves.

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